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How to Troubleshoot a Recalcitrant Roller Door

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If your garage relies on a set of roller doors, you may be perfectly happy with the installation. After all, they work as they should on a regular basis, and you’ve had no cause to worry about them since they were first installed. That is, up until now. For some reason, they are not responding to your wishes, and you may find that your vehicle is stuck inside. Could this be a relatively simple problem to fix, and if so, what should you look at first? Read More»

Why Use Self-Cleaning Glass in a Shower Screen?

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If you’re choosing a new shower screen, then you may be given the option of using self-cleaning glass. Glass that cleans itself sounds good in principle, but you might not be sure how this will actually work. What is self-cleaning glass, and what are its benefits? How Does Self-cleaning Glass Work in a Shower Screen? If you put self-cleaning glass in a shower screen, then the glass typically has an extra coating added to it when it is manufactured. Read More»

Having Trouble With Your Garage Door? Here's How You Can Solve Some Problems

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If your garage door doesn’t work, you may be able to address a few minor problems on your own. You don’t always need a new motor or even a new spring and cables to the door; you may, however, only need to replace a few parts or make a few adjustments for the door to start working again. Note a few things to consider if your automatic garage door should ever fail. Read More»