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Why Use Self-Cleaning Glass in a Shower Screen?

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If you're choosing a new shower screen, then you may be given the option of using self-cleaning glass. Glass that cleans itself sounds good in principle, but you might not be sure how this will actually work. What is self-cleaning glass, and what are its benefits?

How Does Self-cleaning Glass Work in a Shower Screen?

If you put self-cleaning glass in a shower screen, then the glass typically has an extra coating added to it when it is manufactured. This coating uses nanotechnology in the form of particles.

When a shower screen has this kind of coating, it is better able to deal with certain substances that come into contact with the glass. For example, the nanoparticles don't allow water, soap or oily residues to stick to the glass.

The particles actively repel these kinds of substances so that they slide off the glass and into your shower drain. Without this kind of coating, the glass would get dirtier as the substances would stick to it.

What Are the Benefits of Nano-Treated Shower Screen Glass?

If you use a nano-treated glass in a shower screen, the glass takes over some cleaning that you would otherwise have to do. For example, if water runs off the glass, it won't harden and turn into scale; your fingers won't leave oil marks on the glass when you touch it.

This could greatly reduce the amount of cleaning work you have to do on the screen. While you'll still need to do some cleaning yourself, this will also be easier.

So, rather than scrubbing at stubborn shower scale marks and having to wash off oily or soapy streaks, you usually only need to give self-cleaning glass a wipe with a damp cloth to make it sparkle. Its natural repellent qualities make any residual dirt, marks or stains easier to remove.

Self-cleaning glass may also help you deal with other bathroom problems like mould. The coating that helps keep this glass clean can also deal with bacteria and fungus growth. So, if your current shower screen glass needs a deep clean every now and then because mould is growing on it, then switching to a treated glass may fix this problem.

To learn more about the different types of self-cleaning glass and their benefits, talk to your shower screen installation company. They can help you choose the right glass for your screen, no matter which door design you choose.