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Two factors homeowners should consider when buying new garage doors

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Here are two factors homeowners should consider when buying new garage doors.

Whether or not they need an insulated door

Homeowners in this situation should consider if they need their new garage door to be insulated. Insulated garage doors can be pricier than non-insulated ones, but the extra cost might be worth it for some homeowners. For example, if a home's HVAC system is connected to the garage, and the homeowner likes to keep temperature-sensitive items in this space (such as their wine collection, their wall paints and decorating solvents or their surplus pantry food), opting for a more costly insulated door could help to maximise the HVAC system's ability to regulate the temperature in the garage, by stopping the cooled or heated air from escaping through the door.

Additionally, insulating materials within a garage door can also reduce how much sound travels through it. As such, if for example, a homeowner likes to do their hobbies in their garage, but finds the noise from the street outside their garage to be distracting, they might find the noise-reduction of an insulated door helps them to focus more easily when they're in this space. This quality could also be useful if the garage is attached to the person's house, as it could cut down on how much outdoor noise they can hear in the areas of their home that are closest to the garage.

How much maintenance they'll be able to do to the garage door

Homeowners should also consider how much maintenance they'll be able to do to any garage door they choose and ensure they select one that aligns with their maintenance preferences. For example, if someone buys an insulated garage door, they'll need to have its seals and weatherstripping periodically checked, because if there are issues with either of these things, the door might not be able to insulate as effectively as it's supposed to. As such, a person should only invest in this type of door if they're prepared to get these parts of it inspected regularly.

Similarly, most garage doors need to be cleaned regularly, to ensure they look good and stay functional. However, some garage doors can take longer to clean than others. For example, panelled wooden garage doors with textured grain finishes can accumulate dirt between the panels and in the tiny crevices of the wood grain. This dirt may have to be removed with small brushes and its removal could add a lot of time to the cleaning of the door. As such, a person who cannot spend long periods of time washing their garage door might want to consider opting for a smooth-textured, non-panelled metal door instead.

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