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Tips When Installing a Security Screen Door on Your House

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A security door not only makes your home safer; it sends a clear message to intruders that you care about its defence. Consider the following tips when picking a model for your home.

Security Door Standards

When purchasing a security door, make sure it's labelled as a security door, and it's not described in other terms, such as a barrier door, for instance. A genuine security door needs to pass Australian standards that test it for strength and resistance to a break-in. For example, doors need to pass an impact test that swings a pendulum. Another mandatory test is the knife shear challenge, which involves a mechanical arm trying to slash the mesh. The installation of the door matters also. Standards cover how it needs to be fitted. An expert will build it into your home in the correct manner.

Not only should a security door be precisely labelled as such, but it should also specify that it has passed the relevant standards. So look for labelling on the product or accompanying information to that effect. 


The screen on a security door does more than a fly screen because it impedes burglars from breaking into your home. However, it's also important that the screen doubles up as a flyscreen, so you get the most benefit from the door. Additionally, make sure that the mesh allows the breeze to flow through. This will enable you to close the security door to ventilate and freshen your home. On a hot night, you'll be able to enjoy the air wafting through the house while remaining safe and secure.


Security doors are not only appropriate for the front door but also for other parts of the house, regardless of their configuration. Security doors come in bi-fold, sliding models, and in other styles, as well as hinged designs. Thus, if you have wide glass doors at the back of your home, you can install security screens to cover a vast area. That way, you'll be able to open your home to the back garden without letting strangers wander in.

Design Options

When choosing a security door, select a design that is consistent with your home's architecture. These doors come in many different colours to complement diverse aesthetics. Some models feature a screen only without a grill. Others have a diamond-shaped grill in different colours. Alternatively, you could opt for a grill shaped into scrolls or else simple lines for a minimal look.