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Roller and Venetian Blinds for the Home

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Window coverings like blinds provide control over light while decorating a home. If you are interested in blinds, there are two popular types: roller and Venetian blinds. To help you decide which is best for you, read on.

Light Control

Before the invention of double roller blinds, roller blinds didn't offer a wide variety of light control options. However, with the advent of dual models, you can adjust the shades for many different scenarios. Typically these dual bracket systems have both a block out blind and a second shade, either light-filtering or sun-screening. A light filter shade moderates harsh sun glare while allowing light to flow through. A sunscreen blind protects from UV light while letting brightness inside. Thus, you can draw the block out shade for darkness. During the day, pull the sunscreen or light filter shade.

Venetian blinds are a simple but clever design, as you can angle the blades to control incoming light. You can rotate them to direct the light upwards, towards the ceiling, so that, for instance, it's not shining in your face if you're working inside. You can also protect furniture from fading in this way. To allow more daylight in, rotate the louvres to sit horizontally.

Both roller and Venetian blinds let you adjust them to the conditions. Plus, you can pull both up entirely for a window free from window covers. However, the screening shades on roller blinds allow an outside view that's not interrupted by louvres. So, they may provide the best solution if you want to preserve a stunning view.

Better Aesthetics

Both of these blinds suit a variety of room decors and styles. Roller blinds come in numerous colours, including soft neutrals and vivid hues. Blind can also exhibit patterns, which can be modern and geometric or ornate and traditional. Some designs evoke the lushness of curtains. However, roller blinds don't fall in folds like curtains, so they're ideal for small areas where you want to preserve a spacious feeling. In any case, roller blinds can also be paired with curtains in a dining room or bedroom for added softness.

Venetian blinds use diverse materials such as aluminium, timber, and faux-timber using PVC. White Venetian blinds in wood or faux-timber create a classic look that suits both modern and traditional homes. Aluminium blinds can give a more contemporary feel. Similarly to roller blinds, you'll have various colours to pick from to harmonize them with your home. Plus, you can also pair Venetian blinds with curtains to create a luxurious feeling. It comes down to personal taste, whether you prefer the clean look of roller blinds or the textured effect of Venetians.