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Can Your Doors Pass the Fire Protection Test? Here Are Useful Guidelines to Follow

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As a building owner or manager, it is your responsibility to secure your building and the people who live or work in it from threats such as fire damage. Installing fire-rated doors is one of the requirements. The benefits of fire-rated doors include the fact that they prevent the fire from spreading from one room to another in the event of a breakout. They also keep the heat at manageable levels and are designed to allow people to escape to safety. 

If you have already installed doors and have other fire safety measures in place, the best way to make sure you uphold these standards is through fire safety testing. Here are three ways to determine whether your building's doors are fire-safe.

Do You Know Which Fire Safety Standards You Should Fulfil?

The first step in the safety testing process is understanding the conditions the authorities will be looking for when performing their tests. For instance, you should have an emergency exit on your premises and a fire alarm system that notifies everyone of a fire outbreak. 

There are also standards that your fire doors are required to meet before you can be certified as having a fire-safe house. You can work with professional fire safety companies to help you run some independent tests and ensure you comply with the required fire safety standards.

Does the Supplier Follow the Right Fire Proofing Standards?

The most crucial components to look at include the frames and labels. Check the labels to ensure that they are clearly legible. Make sure that any labels that need to have hardware installed in them have been upgraded to meet the standard. If a door has a misplaced label, talk to the supplier and have it replaced. 

Also, check the door coordinators and make sure they are working properly. Open and close the doors at intervals, and check the movement.

Does the Door Have Any Breakages and Holes?

A fireproof door should not have holes, breaks or other weaknesses. These weaknesses can be detrimental to the life of the door in case a fire broke out. Replace any old, worn-out doors or those with any weaknesses that might compromise the door's ability to contain the fire. 

As you install doors in your home to enhance security and safety, ensure they are also fireproof. Avoid installing them yourself and, instead, hire a fire testing professional to install them. They will ensure that you comply with the needed safety standards for the sake of your building's safety.