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Why Should You Fit Security Doors In An Office?

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Business premises owners and office managers should consider the benefits of fitting security doors. Not only do they make breaking in much harder, but they will offer employees a greater sense of assurance when they are at work. How do they achieve this and what other advantages do they offer? Read on to find out.

An Impenetrable Barrier

To begin with, security doors are made from much tougher materials than standard doors. Most typically, steel will be the chosen material, but other tough metals can sometimes be used, as well. This means that a security-rated door will not be easily knocked down even when a vehicle is driven at it or a hydraulic ram is used to try and break through. With glass and wooden doors, it is relatively easy for a career criminal to get past even when they are locked. This is not the case with a metal barrier in the way.

Improved Locks

With standard external doors, you usually get standard locks. Although these might be perfectly adequate in domestic situations, they are often not enough in workplaces. This is especially the case when multiple key-holders are constantly accessing and re-accessing the lock. When this happens, the internal mechanisms tend to smooth down, making them easier to pick. With a proper set of security doors, on the other hand, this will not be the case. Even better, with just one lock you can anchor the door on every side of the frame with a multi-point system. This makes it almost impossible to force a door from its frame by inserting something between the door and the frame to prise the lock open.

Sound Insulation

As well as providing greater protection from intrusion, a modern security door will offer plenty of sound-dampening qualities, too. Because security doors are heavier than other sorts of doors, they keep sound ingress down to a minimum. This is a good thing for creating a productive work environment so office workers are not put off by noises from outside, such as busy roads or passing air traffic.

Attractive Looking

These days, security doors don't need to look like they offer high-security properties unless you want them to. You can paint them to look like a standard door and can even have them covered with a laminate to give them an attractive wood effect. If you want a section of glazing in your office door so that visitors can be identified from within, then high-quality security glass can also be added without compromising on the door's structural integrity.