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3 Simple Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Front Door

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Having a home that is safe and secure is an important consideration for most Australians. However, a surprising number of homeowners put the safety of their family and home at risk by not ensuring that the front door is as secure as possible. Alarmingly, the front door of the home is the entry point for a large percentage of burglaries that occur around the country. If you're concerned that your front door may not provide a suitable barrier against unwanted visitors, then here are three simple yet highly effective ways to remedy the problem.

1. Add a security door

Even if you already have a screen door on your front door, you should plan to upgrade it to a high-quality security door. Older style screen doors do very little to prevent an experienced and determined burglar from quickly and easily removing it as an obstacle.

Choose security doors that have either a reinforced aluminium grille or a strong stainless steel mesh. To be extra safe, make sure that you can lock the security door with a key. This means that if a burglar manages to cut through the screen, they'll be unable to reach through to open the door manually.

2. Add a deadbolt

Most standard front door locks aren't likely to withstand the efforts of a burglar who is determined to enter your home. Many are so flimsy that they can be swiftly and easily kicked in with the right know how. Many criminals now also use bump keys which allow a lock to be forcibly picked with relative ease.

Opt for a high-quality deadbolt that has a long, strong metal bolt that penetrates a long way into the door frame. It should also come with extra long screws that hold the strike plate firmly to the door frame, making it virtually impossible to kick open.

3. Add a sensor light

Burglars prefer to work in darkness to prevent their crimes from being witnessed by neighbours or passers-by and reported to police. You can remove their ability to remain unseen by adding a sensor light by your front door. If anyone, welcome or unwelcome, approaches your door, the light will sense movement and turn on.

You don't need to spend a fortune to have a sensor light installed by your front door. They're very affordable and can be bought off the shelf at most hardware or lighting stores. Many sensor lights are battery or solar powered but if you buy a model that needs to be connected to mains electricity, make sure that you use the services of a qualified electrician.