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Wood Heaters: Simple Steps for Adjusting Your Door Latch

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If your wood heater door is not functioning as expected, you should think about adjusting the door latch to resolve the problem. In general, wood heater doors are fitted with a rope gasket which is designed to create a firm seal between the door and the main heater structure. The gasket isolates the fire from the interior space of the home, minimising the flow of smoke.

Unfortunately, the gasket can sustain wear due to prolonged use. In simple terms, the heat from the unit will cause the rubber material to age and degrade. If left as is, the seal will weaken and air will flow freely. Ideally, you should replace the rope gasket. If you are not interested in this solution, you should use the tips below to adjust the door latch to tighten the seal.

Look for the Locknut

You should open the door of your wood heater and look for the locknut when beginning your repairs. In general, this component is found in the rear of the door. It is responsible for the securing the handle of the door and the latch cam. You should remember that the goal of the improvement is to adjust or tighten the latch so that you can compensate for the looseness of the gasket.

Remove the Locknut

You should detach the locknut after identifying the components. For this step, you will need your pliers. You should hold the door handle of the heater in one hand to keep the door stable and then loosen the locknut using the other. You should note that locknuts can be difficult to remove if they are corroded and stuck. If this is your case, you should obtain some penetrating spray oil. Apply some of the material on the locknut and leave it for some time. Once the threads are properly lubricated, you can remove the connector with ease.

Remove Washers

Then, you should remove the latch cam attached to the shaft of the door. This process should expose some metal spacing washers. If you would like the door to become tighter, you should remove one or more of the washers. In the future, if you replace the gasket and realise the door is too tight, you can add more washers. Once you are satisfied with the adjustment, you should replace the latch cam. Finally, tighten the locknut to secure the latch cam and the installed washers.

If the wood heater door remains loose after the adjustment, you should replace the gasket for complete restoration.