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Can You Add a Security Door to a Heritage Property?

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If you own and live in a heritage building, then you'll quickly realise that your responsibilities are different to those of regular home owners. Heritage buildings are a part of the country's history and, as such, they are given protection to preserve them in as close to their original state as possible. Typically, this means that you'll need to comply with rules on what can and can't be done to change a property, especially if your changes affect its cosmetic appearance. This can make it difficult to improve a building's security if you're considering adding security doors which are easily visible on the building's facade. What should you do if you want to add security doors to your heritage building? 

Check Out Local Heritage Rules

Each area has its own rules on what you can and can't do to alter the appearance of a heritage building. It's important to follow these rules and not just fit any old security door as you may face local council or state sanctions for making changes without permission. Your first move, therefore, should be to check out your local heritage regulations to see if there are any specifications you need to follow when choosing a security door or if you need to make a permit application to make such changes.

Tip: If you don't already have information on your local heritage guidelines, try calling your local council. Councils typically have heritage advisors with specific local knowledge who can advise you of your best options. On a state level, you can also search for 'heritage' or 'heritage properties' on your state's official website to access the relevant organisations if you need further help.

Talk to Local Security Door Specialists

Local businesses who work in the security door field may also be a good source of advice, especially once you've worked out what your local council and/or state heritage obligations are with regards to fitting new security doors. These businesses may have experience of working on other heritage buildings in your area in the past and may be able to help you put regulations into practice so that you find a security door that both meets your safety needs and any formal requirements attached to your building.

For example, a security door specialist may be able to create or source a door that meets modern security standards but that also fits the period-style appearance prerequisites on your heritage building. This would allow you to feel more secure in your home without altering its appearance.